Sunday, January 25, 2009

On The 12th day of Christmas...

On the 12th day of Christmas Patty’s true love gave to her a wonderful Christmas morning full of presents and food!

Patty Sue and I had a wonderful Christmas morning. It is great as a new couple to be able to spend some time together around the holidays. It was a great moment of reflection and love for our household. We came to the realization that although there are only two of us we are a family. Patty and I have fallen in love again as we hope to do in future years around this sacred time of year. We love you all and thanks for all your wonderful gifts and cards at this time of the year!

On the Tenth and Eleventh day of Christmas...

On the Tenth day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her a fun evening a caroling.

We actually did not do this....but it was really cold and we just had a wonderful evening together. By the way it as Patty that didn't want to go out.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her a beautiful silver necklace.

Here is a picture. I actually gave this to her on Christmas evening.

On the Eight and Ninth day of Chirstmas...

On the Eight day of Christmas Patty's true live gave to her a chance to go and see "Wicked". Lizzy also tagged along for this event along with two of her closest friends from Atlanta while they were here. Unfortunately flash photography was not permitted inside the premises of the play so we were not allowed to take any photos. However, it was a wonderful time. The music of the show speaks for itself in that it was truley breathtaking. Anyone who has seen the show is amazed by the dynamics of these beautiful arrangements. The actors had such control over their voices allowing them to sing with perfection at any volume. This ability allowed for breathtakingly quite sounds to be followed by the powerful reach of the actors voice to complete a wonderful and stylish performance. Beyond the music was the stage, there was so much going on you could barely keep up. There were multiple levels followed by entering props from all sides. Lets be real, anytime a person can fly on stage that is pretty cool. The imagination and uniqueness of the text was profound. It encompasses all the wonderful beauty of the "The Wizard of Oz" and gives it a wonderful twist to show the wicked witchs' point of view. What an excellent plot. A plot which christians and many other religious people have a lot to gain from spiritually as well as temproally. The excitement during the show was like actually being part of the show itself. As you can all tell I have nothing bad to say about the show other than the price of the tickets. Thanks Mama and Papa for the presents we love you both!

On the Ninth day of Churstmas Patty's true love gave to here a wonderul evening full of fun at the "Rocketts at Radio City." This also happend to be on Patty's birthday the 20th that we went. I will not go into specific detail but the show was fantastic. Dancing has never been my strong suit so I love to see it be done well. There was no photography allowed in this show either, but this did not stop the Russian family in front of us from recording the entire show and taing about 20 photos. It was annoying to say the least. This is a true New York Chrsitmas event. I would like to go again.

Radio City was a special night. It is something that alot of people dream of seeing around Christmas time. From the scene where there are 55 dancers all dressed in old military uniforms doing marching manuvers to the Santa Clause with his 55 stunning reindeer dancing, what a timeless peice of New York tradition. Patty and I loved it!

On the Sixth and Seventh Day of Christmas...

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her a fun night making ginger bread houses.

You guys can vote on whose is the best 1 or 2.

This was a fun night filled with enchantment and imagination.

Only the family can decide who is the real engineer in the Howland House.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her a trip to go Ice Skating in Central Park.

This was a wonderful time. We decided to wait until Elizabeth arrived to take this adventure on. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the Fourth and Fifth Day of Christmas

On the fourth and fifth day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her....

A pedicure and a manicure. We went to our local mexican/korean nail joint to get our nails done. What a great time. After Patty was on the phone the whole timw with family and friends (this was ok becasue I was the only person there that spoke english who could undrstand her). Patty and I decided that she did a good job of not loud talking. If this would have been me on the other hand there would have been alot of angry people in there becasue my voice doesn't carry or anything. :) After Patty's pedicure the lady asked if she would like to get a manicure as well. Patty looked over to me and I said that she could get one, but since I was along for the ride I was unsure if I had to get one as well. But I didn't so I was safe. I had no idea how to use the foot drying machine so after about five minutes of just sitting there with the machine npot being on the lady came over ans started it for me. I was kind of embasrressed, but it was funny none the less. It is the last thing that any normal guy would know how to do. This was a great time!!!

Patty could not let me finish without mentioning how good my troll feet have turned out since the pedicure. I was suprised the lady wanted to do my feet anyway. She tried to get out ig it by doing another ladies nails first, but I waited and she cringed and evntually gave in to the troll powers. Patty will acutally look at my feet now. Next Step, get them nice enought for her to kiss them. bunup chi!

The fifth day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her...sugar cookies to decorate.

Patty and I after an afternoon of the multicultural nail expeience had a cookie buliding time. We made about three dozen cookies. We actually decorated about two dozen since the cookie monster lives in this house. I will give you one guess who it is and it isnt Patty. Patty made me a cookie that says "I Love Caleb" That is becasue she does! She is my favorite.

We had alot of extra icing that we ate at the end. Lets just say that we opted out of Desert at dinner, and for the rest of the year. But man it was good.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Third day of Christmas...

On the Third day of Christmas Patty's true love gave to her a walk down Fifth Avenue with a little Hot Chocolate.

This Saturday Patty and I took a walk down fifth avenue to see the store fronts and windows.


The Naughty Santa Rally - there were a bunch of drunk Santas out that were dresses scantily and diversely. Gay Santa was a hit this year, which is disappointing.

The Crouded sidewalks - Saturday, December, 5th Avenue, Walking. What do all these collectively have in common. Patty's walking road rage! Ha!

The Rockefeller Center - This was fun. The tree is beautiful this year as always.

Hot Chocolate - This was my favorite part nice and warm.

On the Second Day of Chirstmas...

On the second day of Christmas Patty's True love gave to her a movie night with the Grinch!

Patty mentioned to me that her favorite Christmas movie was the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Patty and I enjoyed a wonderful night at home watching her movie. It was simple and sweet. The only thing eventful was expected, I fell asleep durnong the movie and almost drooled on Patty's head. Anyone that knows me knows that this is not a surprise.